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The VFLA is an organization designed to promote more effective instruction and study of foreign language, encourage research and experimentation in the learning and teaching of these languages, and to provide for professional growth among its members. Learn more about becoming a member of VFLA today!

Thank you for joining us for the first ever two-day VFLA Convention, "Leading With Culture: Preparing Language Learners for Work and Life in the 21st Century!"  We look forward to seeing you next year!

Congratulations to the 2015 essay contest winners!


Abigail Monahan, Saint Francis Xavier School, Teresa Hawes


Grace Clement (El Mapa Más Importante del Mundo), Thetford Academy, Dana Brettell

Shanti Boyle (La Carte de Culture), Essex High School, Deborah Alden


Cady Lykens (Le Québec et la culture française), Bellows Free Academy, Kristi Leet

Congratulations to 2014 poster contest winners!

Elementary School
1.      Amelia Berthold, Marion Cross School, Allison Litten
2.      Alyssa Mcrae, Neshobe School, Julie Bacher
3.      Keith Carrara, Neshobe School, Julie Bacher
Middle School
1.      Grace Koutras, Williston Central School, Ginny Memoe
2.      Dana Kasti, Williston Central School, Kathleen Donohue
3.      Alexandria Dostie, St. Francis Xavier School, Mrs. Caron
High School
1.      Molly Funk, Mt. Abe High School, Simone Skerritt
2.      Apollo Johnson, Milton High School, Staci Ferris-Letsos
3.      Lily Adler, Woodstock Union High School, Marie Anderson
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